Lorry Tarpaulin Cover

Our lorry tarpaulins canvas will eliminate any worries you have about the safety of your cargo as they will protect it from the heavy rain, wind snow, and intense sunlight. A well-made tarpaulin is a must for anyone that transports any kind of cargo. Our tarpaulins provide cover for your lorries and vehicles, they come in many sizes and are well adjustable for a wide variety of vehicle types and frameworks and we assure you that they will fulfil your requirements.

Our tarpaulins are PVC coated, this makes them very resistant in multiple circumstances. Our PVC coated fabrics are fire retardant, UV resistant, and waterproof. Lorry tarpaulins come in different colours, but these colors aren’t because of their aesthetic value but they indicate the thickness of the tarp. Depending on the conditions you expect on your travels and the value of your cargo, you can decide for yourself what is the ideal thickness for your lorry.

Besides being used as a protection for lorries, tarpaulins are very versatile products that can be used anywhere else as protection, from protecting your regular vehicle outside of the garage to protect firewood from the rain and snow.

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