PVC Coated Fabrics & Canvases

PVC Coated fabrics and canvases are known for being waterproof but also very resistant to tearing. Besides the wide variety of tents we manufacture, we are one of the most known PVC fabric and canvas supplier in Malaysia. Fabrics are coated with PVC to make the material get certain attributes that will enhance its durability.

Several of our products, such as our emergency relief shelter, are being made with our PVC coated fabrics which makes them incredibly resistant in many different circumstances. Our PVC Coated fabrics and canvases are UV treated, Fire retardant, Anti-Mildew, Waterproof and Anti-Fungus, making them ideal in harsh conditions.

PVC coated fabrics and canvases, mainly used on many of our tents and other products, are useful on their own, like a canopy or to simply improve or repair your old equipment. PVC coated fabrics are easy to clean and take care of, they are also very lightweight, we recommend for every outdoorsman to have this in his arsenal as its use is very versatile in many different circumstances. Anyone can find it useful in their household as a cover to protect your vehicle, something in your backyard, etc. from the bad weather. While people with outdoor hobbies such as hunters, fishermen, or campers can use it to make their shelter rainproof. Our PVC coated fabrics and canvases come in many different dimensions.

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