TEGUH Shelter – Emergency Relief Shelter

TEGUH Shelter™ is an economical relief shelter, reliable, lightweight, quick, and easy to install and compact storage tent. It’s suitable for many various usages such as an emergency relief shelter, medical first aid tents, fast deployed military tents, temporary storage tents, site work tents.

There are many unfortunate events, such as floods and earthquakes, that can often threaten the lives of many people. On such occasions, emergency relief shelters can be of great help, providing the people with temporary shelter, storage unit, medical first aid shelter, etc. We hope that our emergency shelters will be of great use in such unfortunate events. Besides these occasions, these tents are of great use in many other circumstances.Our shelters are made with high-quality canvases that we produce. Our canvases are known for their durability, UV resistance, etc.

We are manufacturing many different types of tents and canvases for various needs and fields, and we offer tents for specific uses such as medical first aid tents, storage tents, and military tents. Our emergency relief shelter is very versatile and can be used for any such need.

Our emergency relief shelters are simple to set up, yet they provide great protection and space. The fabric is made of PVC-Coated polyester textile while the framework is made of hard-pressed extruded anodized aluminum, this combination provides great protection and durability. Our emergency relief shelter comes in many different dimension which makes it fitting for a wide variety of places and circumstances.

TEGUH Shelter sizes:
T20 – 5m (W) x 4m (L) x 2.7m(H)
T40 – 5m (W) x 8m (L) x 2.7m(H)
T60 – 5m (W) x 12m (L) x 2.7m(H)
T80 – 5m (W) x 16m (L) x 2.7m(H)
T100 – 5M (W) x 20m (L) x 2.7m(H)

Material Specification

Framework: Hard-pressed extruded anodized aluminium

Additional details: (1) Ventilight windows with netting (2) 2 doors with heavy-duty zip  (3) Handled carrying bag for tent storage


Cover Material Specification

Base Fabric: HANA PVC-Coated Polyester Textile

Yarn: 1000 x 1000 Denier

Weight: 530 gsm

Surface Treatment: Both Sides Acrylic Coating


Fire Retardant, UV Treated, Anti-Mildew, Anti Fungus

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